Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hello World

:) The first words typed as part of learning a new software language!Thanks to Kinn for letting me share this space. Life has been incredibly crazy-busy and magical what with an ultra-short summer semester packed with loads of submission work, my first YES! course that began yesterday, a visit to New Jersey to meet our sweet sweet sweet Guru on the long weekend, a visit to Montreal for the Teachers Refresher Meet in July and the magic continues... :)This is the point at which I send my zillionth prayer of the day upward, "Guruji, please take care of everything for me!!!"


Kicking the habit

One day S (my closest pal) called me to tell me that Gurudeva had asked all his disciples to give up Non-Veg food, drinking n smokin' if they want to progress on the spiritual path. Although I had heard this from different people before, it had never struck me this hard ever. The next day I woke up to a reformed "me". It has been 9 months now and I haven't looked back even once. Didn't know kicking the habit of "years" was this easy !!!Thank you Gurudeva !

In love with the new "me"

Experiencing the "Secret"

January last year was the time I had truly returned "home" after my non-centered existence on the other side of the world for over 4 years. During one of the discourses at the Bangalore ashram on my return, my dearest darling Gurudeva :-) mentioned that we should sit in silence at the beginning of the year and note all the significant events that have gone by and also list down the things we would want to do (resolve) in the coming year.I religiously put down a list of thirteen things I wanted to accomplish(although most of them seemed highly optimistic to me by all standards even while jotting them) in the year. Once done, I had totally forgotten about this list and all the happenings till about recently when I accidently hit upon it while scanning through my old emails for some work. Lo, much to my surprise, I realized that ALL of those wishes/resolves I had made had all been fulfilled without effort. I hadn't even worked towards achieving these consciously, yet they had all been taken care of. Sometime in the past year, I had read this hugely famous book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and was intrigued by the law of attraction but Gurudeva made me experience the "secret" first hand...Amazing are the ways of the Guru :-)

In awe n surrender..

One meditative afternoon...

This was just after having an amazing simple hot home cooked meal, on a Sunday afternoon .. joy comes from simplicty and is potent with creativity ! :)

Cheers !

To the First Biscuit :)